Perhaps you are wondering "why should I buy from LilDebbys DeLights? How do I know I will like it?" Here are a few of my satisfied customers. Give LilDebbys DeLights a try and you'll be DeLighted, too.

"Such an amazing bath bomb! I loved the scent so much! It left no residue on my bathtub, but left my skin feeling amazing! I love how the mica leaves a light shimmer all over your body too! The healing stone charm is very lovely and I can’t wait to put it on a necklace! I will definitely be ordering from this store again!"            -Mikayla F

"The Bath Steamers are GREAT! I was impressed with how well they worked so I gave one to my Friend and she equally loved it!!"    -Angella S

"I use the body scrub when I wash my hands to freshen up my arms. I LOVE the moisture it provides. I'm awful with lotion and this is a MUCH better solution."           -Yvonne R

 "I ordered the sample package to try out a few different items and oh my gosh! I LOVE the sugar scrub, chapped lip stick and bath bombs so far! The bath bombs and sugar scrub left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The lip stick lasts for a while so I don't have to reapply all the time like other lip balms." -Christine M

"Love this product! {edible lip scrub} It gets the job done AND I don't have to worry about ingesting nasty chemicals! 10/10, will order again!" -Meg E.M.