I'm Debby Herman

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With all of the choices of companies on the internet we can't tell you how happy we are that you found LilDebby's DeLights! It is our goal to have a BIG impact on the world, while leaving a small footprint Hippies at heart we feel it's important to do what we can to help mother earth. Friend to all we want to help EVERY body show love to themselves. 

Our founder is Debby Herman and she began creating her own bath products to enrich her family's life. Debby was classically trained as a pastry chef and has spent a lot of her life working with edible ingredients and being constantly amazed at the variety of uses for them. I love color and try to incorporate it into everything I do. My family (kid mostly) has sensitive skin and FD&C dye allergies, so all of our products are colored with natural ingredients that are ALL on the labels. If you have an allergy and aren't sure if we use it just email us! lildebbysdelights@gmail.com 

We use as many 100% natural and organic products as we can find. We small business source as many ingredients as possible and ALL ingredients are identified. Our products won't heal you of any ailments, but are designed to help you feel pampered, beautiful and ready to strut your stuff to the world. Whether you're 5 or 95, male, female or non-binary, if you have sensitive skin or work in a mechanics shop give LilDebby's DeLights a try and we're sure you'll be DeLighted too.

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